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When buying a pool liner, you will see many companies advertise the liners in GAUGE or GA. Gauge is used to measure steel products NOT liner material.

When you ask a company who uses the term gauge how thick the liner is, they may tell you that GA is the "quality" of the liner. They do not tell you the MIL.

The only way to determine the actual QUALITY of a liner is by the weight of the product and the MIL of the liner.


Most 24ft round liners that claim to be 25GA are only 63lbs in total weight, while our Boulder 24ft round beaded liner weighs 74lbs!

Our liners are made in the USA in Ohio... not China.

Our above ground pool liners are considered 30GA Quality and measure 15 MIL thickness.

Before you buy a liner, make sure you are getting actual quality based on liner weight and MIL thickness!

Above Ground Installation Information
Important Liner Information
Selling thousands of liners per year, we are able to offer the best product at the lowest prices. We offer GLI/Swimline liners which are made in the USA. Many other companies are buying liners from an importer who sells inferior Chinese liners. Be sure to research your liner purchase. GLI stands behind their products and warranties all of their liners. Don't find yourself stuck with a liner problem and no warranty to back you up!

Above Ground Liner Installation Instructions

Above Ground Liner J-Hook Removal Instructions

Special Liner Promotion
Buy any GLI pool liner and Armor Shield Liner Protector and extend your pool warranty to a 25 year and 3 year full warranty instead of the normal 20 year and 1 year full warranty! GLI is so confident in their Armor Shield product that they will stand behind it for an extra 5 years.

Our premium liners are made using a unique process for maximum protection from pool chemicals and the sun's damaging U.V. rays. Constructed of virgin vinyl, our liners will last longer and maintain their beautiful appearance for years. Strong, double-welded seams will withstand winter's worst. Our liners are so rugged they are backed by a 20 year warranty.

Overlap liners are the most common liner installed on a pool. This type of liner will go over the top of the pool wall and be set in place by pool coping strips. Once the pool is completely assembled and fills with water, you can fold under or cut away the excess liner that is hanging over the outside of the pool.

Beaded liners will cost slightly more money and require a bead track with the pool. The beaded liner we carry is a uni-bead liner that will clip into a track inside the pool to make liner installation much easier for the first installation and all future installations. If you are putting a deck around your pool, you would want to choose this option.

We also offer expandable liners which will allow you to have up to 6ft of depth in your pool. In a round pool you can dish the middle down to 6ft deep or have a shallow end and a deeper end. If you have an oval pool, you can only make the pool deeper in the area where there are no cross straps on the bottom.

When you change your liner with an overlap pool liner, you will need to remove the top seats on your pool. With a beaded liner installation, you do not remove any pool parts. Simply remove the old liner and snap the new one in place. It acts similar to an inground liner installation. We highly recommend beaded liners for all above ground pools.
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